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Administrative note, part 2

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This site is back up, and I'm ecstatic with its new home!

There might be a few outages here and there as we tie up some loose ends. (Today I had to restore the brand new server from last night's backup because installation of a "just a small library" hosed the site's php configuration, with great power comes great "ooops").

As in the last update, it might be wise to wait a few more days before expecting rock solid stability.

As a personal aside:

Administrative note - site updates....

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In the very near future, will be undergoing some major internal updates.

[UPDATE: is now on a new server, but many little things are slightly broken, it may take a little while to iron out all the kinks]

When it's all over, our site should look and work (almost) exactly as it does now, but the changes will allow us to do more exciting things with the site.


In the short term, over the next week or so, you may see odd behaviors, errors, or at times the site may not load.

The support forms on the site are presently broken. We can see the entries, but do not receive email notifications. (This is part of what is prompting the change). Orders should work, but you may not receive email confirmations. Rest assured that if you place an order and your payment is successful, we will know about it, and your order will still be fulfilled. If it's a non-urgent order, it might make more sense to postpone it until next week, or use any one of the other awesome hobby electronics vendors out there.





Coming changes.

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Yeah, we know, this site has gotten a little .... stale...

Over the next month or so we're going to be doing some updating and a bit of re-organization. So things might be a little wonky in the interim. Please pardon our dust.


New consulting site

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We have a new site dedicated to our consulting services.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make that thing, but aren't sure how to put all the technology together? We can help!

Are you working on a KickStarter or other crowd funded project, but need a little expertise in one area? We can help!

Has your company been asked to create a product and you need a little firmware or desktop app to make it work? We can help!

Checkout Anibit Consulting



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