Anibit Technology Respects its customers privacy.


We will never share customer or user personal information with 3rd parties, except where required by the laws of The United States and of the State of North Carolina.

Registered users may create personal profile pages that may be visible by other registered users, and possibly unregistered users. User personal email addresses are not visible. Registered users my send private messages to user registered users via internal private messaging on requires the use of "cookies" for proper full functionality.

We collect some information from visitors for use in internal marketing research and website content improvement. We use Google Analytics to collect some of this information in an anonymized fashion. This information is by necessity shared with Google Inc. Other information, such as which pages on were visited by a particular user or IP address are gathered internally and are not generally anonymous. This information is not shared.

Anibit Technology uses Paypal for payment processing. No financial information or credit card account information is stored on Anibit servers.