Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutter image

Do you have a design you need fabricated? Let us make it for you!

We can handle small volume jobs with fast turn-around times.

We use a 5th Generation Full Spectrum Laser, capable of working with 12 x 20 inch pieces.

We can cut and etch:

  • up to 1/4 inch acrylic,
  • up to 1/4 inch plywood
  • up to 1/4 inch hardwood

Please note that, at this time, we only work with the types of materials listed above.

We stock a basic set of acrylic and woods, please check out our laser services materials page for the ever growing list of stocked and supported materials.

You may also "special order" materials of your choice. Just direct us to a link where you would like us to acquire the special materials( note that this will add significantly to the processing and delivery time, and additional shipping and handling fees will be added to the material's cost).

How it works

  1. Zip up your design files and any special instructions, and material selections.
  2. Browse to our laser service quote request form
  3. Fill out the form, and upload your design files.
  4. Your design will be analyzed, and we will send you a quote for the cost, with shipping prices, and estimated lead time.
  5. Review the quote, and if the terms look good to you, let us know by replying to the quote email.
  6. We will then send you a Paypal invoice for the quote.
  7. Once the invoice is paid, we will queue your job, and order any special materials requested.

Put together your designs and submit them here!

Normally we will get back you within 1 business day with a quote. Quotes are generally valid for 30 days. If you need more time, let us know, we're happy to accommodate any special requests!

General Pricing guidelines


While we are getting production into full swing, our rates are lower currently than what they will be in the future.

The general formula is $1.50 US per minute of laser cut time, plus material prices.
Material prices can vary, and takes into account waist material as part of the process, so make your designs efficient!

Our current material rates are as follows

Material Color Thickness price (per sq. in.)
Acrylic Clear 0.080in $0.04
Acrylic Clear 0.118in $0.06
Acrylic Clear 0.220in $0.10

Also note that thicker materials take longer to cut.

Shipping will be via the United States Priority Mail, in the smallest container that will fit your design.

Resources for getting started

"DXF" files are the preferred format for laser cutting jobs. Hundreds of software tools and packages can work with them.

If you are new to CAD or laser fabrication, the following free programs can get your started on Windows, Mac, or Linux:

  • LibreCAD - Fantastic full-featured 2D cad/drafting program. It works directly with DXF files. It is what we used an Anibit to prepare laser jobs!
  • Inkscape - A very polished artistic vector graphics edit. There are a lot of plugins and special effects, and you can export to DXF.

If you want a more extensive list of useful software for makers, check out our wiki.