Administrative note, part 2

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This site is back up, and I'm ecstatic with its new home!

There might be a few outages here and there as we tie up some loose ends. (Today I had to restore the brand new server from last night's backup because installation of a "just a small library" hosed the site's php configuration, with great power comes great "ooops").

As in the last update, it might be wise to wait a few more days before expecting rock solid stability.

As a personal aside: is almost 5 years old, and in that time, this is the 4th server it has lived on. The previous 3 servers were all shared-host setups, but now were on a virtual private server, and already the performance is vastly better. Shared hosts were the economical choice for low-traffic webhosting 10 years ago, but prices on private servers have fallen dramatically in the past few years. Anibit chronically ran into issues that I was powerless to fix myself on a shared host, so fixing a problem meant a support call or email to convince support that you knew what you were talking about. (One such call involved me trying to convince the ISP that the mysql process on the server consuming 45GB of swap space, and growing by 1.5GB/day might have a lot to do with the server's; severely abysmal performance!).