About Anibit


Anibit is run by "Anibit Technology LLC", a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation founded by Jon Wolfe(aka 'Spider') , a software engineer who fell in love with hardware and hacking. Check out his personal blog at http://www.bytecruft.com

Mission Statement:

To provide a place on the Internet that fosters excitement and educates; where hardware and software hackers can learn; to design hardware and software products that appeal to the eager geek, and to resell maker related products from others; to do this while promoting open source software, open source hardware, and the free expression and exchange of exciting ideas.


Anibit.com was started in late 2013, after several years of tinkering and pipe dreaming. 



(We're crowd-surfing the shoulders of a field of giants)


Anibit.com is Built on Drupal. So easy even a Desktop/Embedded Application developer can use it.

On top of the core of Drupal are a ton of modules, one of the largest of which is Ubercart, which lets us use the same platform for e-commerce. The visual theme is based on Adaptive Themes.


Anibit Technology is an official distributor for the following suppliers: