Coming changes.

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Yeah, we know, this site has gotten a little .... stale...

Over the next month or so we're going to be doing some updating and a bit of re-organization. So things might be a little wonky in the interim. Please pardon our dust.


New consulting site

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We have a new site dedicated to our consulting services.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make that thing, but aren't sure how to put all the technology together? We can help!

Are you working on a KickStarter or other crowd funded project, but need a little expertise in one area? We can help!

Has your company been asked to create a product and you need a little firmware or desktop app to make it work? We can help!

Checkout Anibit Consulting


Come see us at RARSFest, Saturday April 2

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We will be at the 44th Annual RARSFest in Raleigh, North Carolina Saturday April 2nd, from 8AM to 3:30.

We will have many items from our site for sale.

We will be sharing a table with the guys and gals from Triembed, Splatspace, Imagination Station, The Forge Downtown, SDevCS, and others. It's going to be awesome!


Wireless Charging PCB Module 5-12V


The Wireless Charging Module can be applied in electronic equipment in common use for close wireless charging or power supply. Consisted of a transmitter and insulation coil, it could serve as a replacement for the Wireless Power Supply with stable 5V output voltage and maximum 700mA output current. Its small size and insulation coil is more suitable for using in wireless project.

Both transmitter and receiver's insulation coil are built-in the PCB.

Price: $7.90


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