Wireless Charging PCB Module 5-12V



The Wireless Charging Module can be applied in electronic equipment in common use for close wireless charging or power supply. Consisted of a transmitter and insulation coil, it could serve as a replacement for the Wireless Power Supply with stable 5V output voltage and maximum 700mA output current. Its small size and insulation coil is more suitable for using in wireless project.

Both transmitter and receiver's insulation coil are built-in the PCB.

Did we mention this thing is super cool? The applications for WIRELESS POWER are limitless. Use it anywhere that you need to power a device where you cannot run power wires, such as through thin pieces of glass or acrylic.

You can use them to drive low-current circuits, or use it to build a wireless-charging station for your creation.


  • Stabilized power supply
  • PCB coils included
  • Ultra-thin and high power


  • Input Voltage: 5~12Vdc
  • Input Voltage(limits): 13.5Vdc
  • Output Voltage: 5Vdc
  • Output Current(maximum): 700mA
  • Output Current(no-load): 30~50mA
  • Transmitter Coil Inductance: 5uH
  • Transmit-receive distance: 5mm
  • Transmitter : 61*41*1mm
  • Receiver:  41*31*0.3mm


SKU: PWR05001
List price: $7.90



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Price: $7.90
Weight: 8 g
Dimensions: 61 mm × 41 mm × 1 mm