Adafruit Micro Lipo - USB LiIon/LiPoly charger

SKU: PWR04001

Oh so adorable, this is the tiniest little lipo charger, so handy you can keep it any project box! Its also easy to use. Simply plug in the gold plated contacts into any USB port and a 3.7V/4.2V lithium polymer or lithium ion rechargeable battery into the JST plug on the other end. There are two LEDs - one red and one green. While charging, the red LED is lit. When the battery is fully charged and ready for use, the green LED turns on. Seriously, it could not get more easy.

List price: $5.95
Price: $5.95
Weight: 6 g
Dimensions: 30 mm × 12.5 mm × 8 mm

Cupcade - Raspberry Pi micro arcade cabinet kit

SKU: RPI01001

Never be bored again with an adorable little arcade cabinet you can fit in your bag! This Raspberry Pi-powered kit combines a sharp PiTFT 2.8" display, mini thumbstick, and mini arcade push buttons and a whole bunch of components to create the most adorable arcade cabinet in the known universe.

List price: $119.95
Price: $119.95
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 9 in × 11.5 in × 4 in

Rainbow Cube Kit 4X4X4

SKU: EDU02001

This is a  kit of 4x4x4 RGB LEDs cube, containing 648mm RGB LEDs, custom PCBs and all supporting components  (6 free alternate LEDs are included in the kit). All parts are well packed in a nice package.

Compare with other similar projects, this one comes with super slim frame PCB design which not only looks very beautiful but also makes the assembly much easier.
You can control all LEDs of the Rainbowcube either by changing the Arduino program itself or by using the easy to use control Software.

You need some basic soldering skill to make this kit.

List price: $44.90
Price: $44.90
Weight: 289 g
Dimensions: 4.5 in × 4.5 in × 4 in


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