Now shipping to more countries.

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Anibit now ships to the following countries,

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France new!
  • Germany new!
  • Ireland new!
  • Netherlands new!
  • United Kingdom new!

We've expanded serviced countries based on where our web visitors are coming from, general fraud rates, and ease of export/shipping from the US. If you would like to nominate your country for our next expansion, let us know!

New Service - Laser Cutting

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We're jazzed to introduce a new service at Anibit, we're now offering small-scale laser cutting fabrication services!

This is a very exciting expansion for us into the "Maker" and artist services market. Lasers are awesome!

Laser cutter image

What's in the pipeline

For now, we're offering a general service where we can manufacture your designs and ship them to you.

We also, offer a custom-designed acrylic case, see here

In the near future, we're going to expand on our case offering to allow you to pick a set of features for a project case, and order a case custom tailored to your needs. One of the coolest feature will be the ability to upload a set of gerber files to have an automatic size and board mount holes incorporated into your box! We have this working in internal software as a proof of concept, and we can't wait to offer the service!

Hacking the ESP8266 Module

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Hackaday has a great article about efforts to hack the ES8266 Serial Wifi board that's making news in the maker community lately.
Some diligent peeps over at have managed to get gcc compiling for the Tensilica Xtensa LX3 microcontroller utilized on the board.

Youtuber "CNLohr", even managed to run a Minecraft server on it, hat's off to you, sir!

Website performance update

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Thanks to the gracious support staff from our hosting provider, Arvixe I think we're squeezing as much performance out of this little old host as I can hope for. We now have several aggressive caching strategies activated, and the site is very responsive most of the time. Anibit does get hit with a lot of spam attempts, and I'm proud to say they have a 0% success rate in the past year that the site has been operational. It does mean that a plurality of server CPU time goes to serving pages to bots. We don't currently have any ip address filtering, but that may be something I'll consider in the future.

Thanks for the patience, and if you notice problems with the site contact us here, or shoot an email to

You can always help us get closer to being able to afford a dedicated host by supporting us! :)



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