Anibit Project Box - Clear - 20x4 LCD, Arduino UNO mounts



Take your project to the next level with Anibit project cases!

Features for this model:

  • Clear 0.093"-thick acrylic
  • Front side mounting holes for standard 20x4 LCD
  • Internal mount for Arduino UNO R3 (room for some shields)
  • All "snap on" case assembly, no screws required.
  • Built-in footer
  • Snap-close hinged top for easy access to internal parts.
  • Rear access panel, can accommodate standard Arduino UNO, Leonardo, and many clone boards. Extra space may allow for additional shield access(results may vary).

Fabricated with 0.93 inch extruded acrylic.

Ships with all acrylic parts, does not include any mounting hardware.

Assembly required.

Beta Program

This is a new Anibit original design, we're offering this item as a discount right now, because there may be future tweaks, enhancements, or corrections to the design. If you have suggestions or feedback for improvements, please, contact us! We're considering open-sourcing the final design, if you have thoughts on that, we'd love to hear about it!

Interactive View - Assembled

Interactive View - Exploded

External Dimensions: (LxWxH)


Internal Dimensions:


(Background image used for renders are from Philippe "Philo" Hurbain)

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Price: $9.95
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 97.2 mm × 115.9 mm × 80.9 mm