Back in action! (for real this time)

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We've been slow to update content on the site lately, and a HUGE reason behind that was that we were simply more concerned about the performance and stability of the the site that the contents itself. I use "we" a lot in the vernacular of this site, but in truth Anibit is just one guy. I have a loving wife and family that supports me and occasionally helps out (or puts up with me), but I have no staff, I do it all. I use "we" so that when I have a staff of 10,000, I don't have to make one of them edit all the pages. In seriousness, it helps me to make it feel more like a real company, that it is more than just "me", it is me and Anibit, "we". But I manage the software, maintain the patches, enter content, create graphics, develop code, debug code, measure performance, research new products, develop new products, and do software development consulting and laser services. I'm constantly feeling like I'm spread to thin to get anything done, yet constantly amazing with myself when I look back at what I've accomplished. This summer took much of the wind out of my sails with a tragic personal event, and I've struggled to make a full comeback since. But I feel like I'm making progress, conquering this site's problems is a tremendous weight off my shoulders.

This site has struggled with frequent outages and slow performance for the last year, and it was almost entirely things out of my control, caused by a very unreliable hosting provider that was great for the first years of Anibit's existence, and got progressively worse. I've been through three different servers(not counting the internal hardware migrations I had no say in) with that provider in the past year, and after each one, things seemed to work OK for a while, then go off a cliff one day. I don't want to name the hosting company the purpose of this post isn't to bash them, but to look forward to the next year. Effective this week, I have terminated my relationship with the host provider and the site is now running on a new provider.

Now I can focus on doing some of the cool things I've been wanting to do with the site for a while, and not worry and waste a lot of time trying to figure out why it went down, and spending a week convincing my hosting service that "it's not me, it's you".

I'm going to start reevaluating some of the original goals of the site, and figure out if those goals still make sense. My "mission statement" on my about page is still 100% relevant, I have a dream to create an exciting, maker/developer/education related site.


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