Bus Pirate V3.6



Bus Pirate v3 is a universal bus interface that talks to electronics from a PC serial terminal. Get to know a chip without writing code. Eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort with new or unknown chips.


1-Wire, I2C, SPI, JTAG, asynchronous serial (UART), MIDI, PC keyboard, HD44780 LCDs, and generic 2- and 3-wire libraries for custom protocols.

USB interface, USB powered
5volt tolerant pins
0-6volt measurement probe
1Hz-40MHz frequency measurement
1kHz-4MHz pulse-width modulator, frequency generator
On-board multi-voltage pull-up resistors
On-board 3.3volt and 5volt power supplies with software reset
Macros for common operations
Bus traffic sniffers (SPI, I2C)
Transparent USB to serial bridge mode
10Hz-1MHz low-speed logic analyzer
Custom support in AVRDUDE , Flashrom , OpenOCD
AVR STK500 v2 programmer clone
Scriptable from Perl, Python, etc.
A bootloader for easy USB firmware updates
Uses DP6037 standard PCB layout
Open source (CC 0/Public Domain)

Bus Pirate manual
Hardware overview
Chip demonstrations
Latest firmware
Bus Pirate forum on Dangerous Prototypes.

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Price: $30.00
Weight: 10 g
Dimensions: 60 mm × 37 mm × 10.5 mm