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This is an embedded thermal printer, which is widely used in various occasions, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, post office, banks and so on. It is not a normal consumer product, but similar to consumer products. The compact size makes it easy to be embedded to any kinds of instruments and meters. With a nice appearance, you can even put it on the table. On the hardware side, we specially choose the TTL interface so that it can be directly controlled by development boards such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. In the Internet of things era, it’s time to print out your ideas!

The printer comes with a set of power and data cables but without a power supply. It can work in 5V~ 9V, with the peak current of 2A, so please get a power supply with more than 2A output capacity. In addition, the thermal paper is not included either. The thermal printer uses the common 57mm-wide thermal paper that you could get from most stationers and supermarkets.

Low-noise direct thermal printing method
Printer control panel built-in GB18030 Chinese character
Fast printing speed
Can support Max. 39mm paper roll, the biggest paper roll of the same models
TTL interface
Rich of graphics/curves/characters print function
Easy paper loading structure
Support 5V-9V wide power voltage

Printing method: thermal direct line printing
Paper loading method: easy paper loading
Paper width: 57mm
Print width: 48mm
Resolution ration: 8dots/mm(384dots/line)
Life of printing head: 50km
Printing speed: 60mm/sec.; Max.80mm/sec.(voltage 8.5V)
Character size: 12x24dots, 24x24dots
Chinese character fonts: GB18030,12x24dots, 24x24dots
Outline dimensions: 111mmx65mmx57mm
Installation dimensions: 103mmx57mm
Embedded depth: 50mm
Paper roll specifications: width 57mm, Max. diameter 39mm
Interface: TTL
Input power: DC 5V~9V
Operating temperature: 5℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
Operating humidity: 10%~80%
Storage humidity: 10%~90%

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Dimensions: 110 mm × 64 mm × 60 mm

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