LED 2 Pack - RGB Common Cathode




Common cathode, T1-3/4 (5mm) Diffused LED.


Color: Diffused/ Red, Green, Blue

Forward voltage drop: ~1.9V (RED), ~2.7V (GREEN), ~2.8V (BLUE)

Max current: 20 mA (per channel)


This comes in a package of two LEDS.

Each LED is actually composed of three LEDS, a Red, Green, and Blue, in one package. This allows the LED to take on most colors the the human eye is capable of perceiving. The common cathode part means that the three LED's share a common connection on their "ground" side.

Notes for use:

This LED requires three current limiting resistors, one for each of the component LED's. Each component/color will have a different "forward bias" voltage, which means to get equal current through all three colors, you need three different resistor values. Then again if you're using this bad boy, it's probably not so that you can emulate a white LED!. The easiest thing to do, you're using PWM'ed outputs to control the software, is to just used the same resistor value for all three colors, and correct for any differences in software.

Checkout a demo here.

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