Sealed membrane 4x4 button pad with adhesive backing




Is a standard "telephone" style input pad not enough for ya? This just may be the keypad for your next project!

This keypad is similar in operation to our 3x4 button pad, but has an extra column with 4 additional buttons, labeled "A", "B", "C", "D".

It features an adhesive backing, so you can permanently attach it to your project. The input pad is 70mm wide and 77mm high. The 8-line ribbon cable is approximately 65mm long and is terminated with a 8x1 female header, 15mm in length and 20mm wide with standard 2.54 (0.1") spacing.

Here is some sample Arduino code for interacting with this keypad. (You will need 8 digital input lines to read all 16 buttons, or you may use an I2C or SPI input expander(Not sold on Anibit yet)

Even if you only need numeric input, the additional buttons could come in handy for special features or debugging.


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Price: $3.99
Weight: 6 g
Dimensions: 77 mm × 160 mm × 3 mm