SALE! Get your robot on this Christmas (for the kids, of course)

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The EZ-Robot line of robots is the most premium set products we carry on Anibit. These are really cool, complete robots out-of-the-box. They're not "partial" platforms that you have to design your own robot on top of(which are cool in their own right). But they come with everything you need (except a PC) to have a fully functional robot. If you're more interested in using a robot than designing one, these are definitely the kits for you. That isn't to say that they aren't customizable, they are in fact quite the opposite. The "Revolution" line from EZ-Robot is a platform for robotics. These kit's are just pre-selected configurations of the Revolution platform. So if later on down the road, you want to convert it to a different robot, it's a very flexible platform. It is for the reason that we at Anibit feel that these are great kits for introductions to high-end robotics platforms. You don't even have to know how to program! The EZ-Builder software for Windows is  easy to use for beginners, with tons of tutorials and examples. It even has support for many 3rd-party robots, check it out!

The folks at EZ-Robot made a cool demonstration video of what you can do with the JD.

Being a small, employee-funded company on a small budget, it's often difficult for us to compete on price with the bigger companies out there. We really wanted to be able to offer a "Black Friday" program, but to be honest, we could not afford it. Our volumes are too low to get "deep discounts" from our suppliers, and our overhead takes a bigger proportion of revenue. But we would like to do what we can today to try to make things more affordable when we can. To that end, as of today we're lowering our prices on the EZ-Robot series.

These are Anibit Technology's current Revolution kit offerings: