Bluetooth Traffic Light Controller

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Here's a recent project I've finished. I had a request to make a device that would allow control of a personal traffic light using a phone. It uses an MSP430, 4 channel relay board, and a bluetooth module. The guy is really happy with the final product, his kids like keeping it on party mode. I plan on designing a full board with some triac's and ramping up the party mode speed for them. The range is about 220 feet line of sight through the traffic lights aluminum housing. I had thought about using the ESP8266 for wifi but it's reliability as an access point wasn't great. I had it display a simple web page with buttons but it eventually fails to display the page and locks up. A firmware update might fix the problem. I never did finish the 3d printed box, I used a RadioShack project box instead.

Completely Awesome

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Imagine the mischief you could get in if you mounted that in front of your house ;)

But seriously, the level of polish you put into this is impressive!

LED's light up my life.