3Pi Programmer For Windows

Program your 3Pi in one-click, from Windows!

We're proud to present a stand-alone offline version of the 3Pi Programmer application for Windows machines.

This standalone version will be a great teaching tool as it takes just about all the complication out of getting your program from display into your robot.

With 1 click, it will be able to upload your program to a connected 3Pi robot. This will make for a good introduction to programming robots for young children.

Alternatively, it will launch the Arduino IDE preloaded with your program so that older kids and beginners can start to experiment with text-based programming and use the block design as a starting point.

Download it here

Like the Anibit Graphical Programmer itself, this is open source, and we will be available to make additions on a contract basis.

You can get the source code here.

Here are some previews:



We're working hard to make this tool ready for prime time. If you work with young aspiring engineers and roboticists, let us know, we'd love to hear about it!