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Notable Wiki Pages


In addition to syntax, you may also use the following on the Anibit Wiki, provided by various plug-ins:

~~HIDEPAGE~~  : This will hide a page from search results and from the site map. Note that all pages are public on the
Anibit Technology Wiki, and can always be accessed via it's url.
~~DISCUSSION~~  :  Inserts a discussion pane for the page. Most pages should have discussion section.
<svg></svg> :  Inline SVG may be used on a wiki page, and will be rendered on browsers that support it.

Referencing other content

You may reference other pages on the Anibit Wiki by using the following tag commands:


See Include plugin flags for more information.


Pages may be tagged to help categorize content on the Wiki. You can add tags by using the following Wiki macro:

{{tag>[list of tags]}} : a space-separated list of tags that apply to the current page.
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